Monday, September 30, 2013

The Church without the Cross

Rod Dreher has written a very compelling article on why he's no longer Catholic and not planning to come back.

Here's a taste ...

If you only know about the Catholic Church from reading the papers, you are in for a shock once you come inside. The image of American Catholicism shown by the media is of a church preoccupied with sex and abortion. It’s not remotely true. I was a faithful mass-going Catholic for 13 years, attending a number of parishes in five cities in different parts of the country. I could count on one hand the number of homilies I heard that addressed abortion or sexuality in any way. Rather, the homilies were wholly therapeutic, almost always some saccharine variation of God is love.
Well, yes, He is, but Sunday School simplicities only get you so far. Classical Catholic theology dwells on the paradox of God’s love and God’s justice. As Dante shows in the Divine Comedy, God’s love is God’s justice poured out on those who reject Him. In the Gospels, Jesus offers compassion to sinners rejected by religious rigorists, but he also tells them to reform their lives, to “go forth and sin no more.”
Was I frustrated because the priests wouldn’t preach God’s judgment instead of God’s mercy? By no means. I was frustrated because they wouldn’t preach God’s judgment at all, which is to say, they preached Christ without the Cross. I knew the depths of the sins from which I was being delivered, and it felt wrong to treat His amazing grace like it was a common courtesy. Like the reggae song says, “Everybody wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”
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BenYachov said...

Ah Dreher!

I have zero sympathy for this self-righteous faithless jerk & his rationalizations for apostasy.

I used to be a critic of bad liturgy, bad homilies & bad music.

I started going to Eastern Rite Churches that didn't have these problems.

Then I became the father of three Autistic children who can't behave at Mass.

So for years I would go to Mass alone & go home to relieve my wife to watch the kids.

It's a bitter thing not to be able to stand before the Holy Sacrifice for the Ages with your family by your side.

God is merciful. Eventually after years we found a Special Persons Mass where they didn't mind if Kids acted out because of their affliction.

One a month I can stand before the Divine Eucharist with my wife & kids beside me.

So when I read Dreher sob song about not getting the homely he wanted for Eastern when he has normal sons he can take to Mass as often as he wants I will pray to hold back the projectile vomenting!

God doesn't own you or me anything. We owe him everything.

The special people's mass is not fire and brimestone but it reminds me of what I can loose if I place asethetics above loyalty and Truth.

Not unlike Dreher.

God forgive him & soften his heart.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Ben, you often annoy me, and I'm not totally in agreement with you here, but I can tell you are a good guy at heart. I'll pray for you and your kids. I'm sure three autistic children is a tough cross to bear, and I'm glad you're bearing it with so much fortitude and love.

benYachov said...

>Ben, you often annoy me...

The feeling is mutual.

>but I can tell you are a good guy at heart.

I hope the same for you.

>I'll pray for you and your kids.etc

Thank you. I'll pray for you too.

BenYachov said...


The only reason to join the Catholic Church is because it is the fullness of truth.

The only reason to leave and join something else is the Church is not the full truth & new thing you joined is the Truth.

Augustine said there is no excuse for Schism even upon the admission the Church is run by wicked and sinful men.

Hypothetically If I knew for certain Catholic preachers where the best in the world and Eastern Orthodox suck worst than your parents chaperoning the school prom BUT had good reason to believe Jesus founded the so called Orthodox Church & not the Catholic then I would see no rational reason to remain a Catholic & not become Eastern Orthodox.

It's that simple and anyone who says different in my experience has a Book of Mormon to show me.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Ben, we agree on something!!!!

BenYachov said...