Monday, September 2, 2013

To the Atheist

An atheist friend of a friend on Facebook was behaving as they do, posting drive by snide comments and then running.  He said all the same old tired things - Christianity is evil, religion leads to war, Jesus was a liar.

That last was based on the fact that Jesus said, "Ask and you shall receive", and since the Atheist apparently has prayed and not had his prayer answered, or heard of people praying and not having their prayers answered, he concluded that Jesus "lied".  I pointed out to him that prayer is not a gumball machine, in which you put your quarter and out pops a gumball.  I also quoted St. James telling us that our prayers are not being answered because we're praying for things to spend on our lusts, and God ain't into that.  I suggested that there was perhaps something a bit more complex about both prayer and Scripture than what his closed mind was allowing to get through.

Atheist frustrated with God the Gumball Machine.

I also addressed "Religion leads to war" by pointing out that officially godless communism was responsible for a tremendous amount of death and suffering, but he replied that no, that was Christianity's fault.  Perhaps it is man's fault?  No, it is God's fault.  The God that does not exist.


I was an atheist for nine years.  Maybe I was as hateful and small-minded as these Fad Atheists are today.

But it was art that turned me around - drama, literature, beauty.  God made my heart of stone into a heart of flesh.  So if my atheist nemesis comes here, I hope he'll at least open his mind and heart enough to engage in dialogue and not just to take pot shots and run away congratulating himself for being so vicious.

Anyway, if he drops by here, I would ask him to see my posts tagged ATHEISM.  Read them thoughtfully, if you can.

And I will ask him to engage the points I'm making.  Don't dodge them and don't fire back with name-calling and venom spewing.  We know you hate religion; we know you don't believe in God; we know you hate the God you don't believe in.  But if you're really searching for truth, man up and search for it.

If, however, you behave the way you did on Facebook, you won't be long for this blog, either.

How I congratulated myself for my unconventionality and creativity when I was an atheist!

How little I realized what a stodgy and predictable bore I was.

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Joey Higgins said...

There's a certain level of immaturity when pleasure is derived from "beating" someone at a conversation, especially if Christians really are "stupider" than atheists. Even the concept doesn't really make sense:

"Hey Jenny, did you see how I really showed up Tommy at talking?"

"Uhh... yeah?"

Outside of the context of a debate "winning" is good for alienating people. That's not to say that we shouldn't argue, it's just the argument process of "being against" vs "trying to explain."

(I was definitely part of the beating crowd and still am when I don't watch myself enough.)