Monday, September 23, 2013

What Would You Do?

Forget What Would Jesus Do for a second.  Just ask yourself What Would You Do.

Let's suppose you're the archbishop of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Let's say you have a priest who has been cruising for young men and teens, has been proposition strangers - young teen-aged guys - in public, who has been arrested for this behavior time and again.  Let's say this priest insists upon living in a camper in the parking lot of the parish; or at least spending blocks of time there.  Let's say he's been inviting young boys into this camper.

Father's camper, where he'd spend time with boys in the parking lot of his parish.
Let's say you have a rather significant file on this priest, indicating that these problems are long-term and that the counselling he's been mandated has been apparently ineffective.  Let's say several people have complained about his bizarre behavior, including your own chancellor for canonical affairs.  Let's say you ignore the pleas of people in your archdiocese and make him pastor of one of your parishes.  Let's say your vicar general actually goes so far as to call a mother of boys in this priest's parish to tell her it's her responsibility to help him establish "healthy boundaries" with her children; children with whom the priest has been seen in public - behaving inappropriately with them.  Let's say when police contact your "delegate for a safe environment" in the archdiocese about this priest, that delegate refuses to return their phone calls.

What do you do?

Call Bill Donohue of the Catholic Defense League.  He'll turn the whole thing into a question of bias in the press.  

Has the archbishop done that yet?  No.

But he's apparently done nothing else.


Terry Nelson said...
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Terry Nelson said...
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Anonymous said...

Shameful! Didn't anyone think that a camper parked in a parking lot would be a place where nothing good could happen?

Dr. Eric