Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Defending Francis

The other day, William Doino Jr. wrote a solid piece for First Things, "In Defense of Pope Francis".

The article ends thus ...

Most astonishing of all is the idea that Francis is accommodating his papacy to the ways of the world, ignoring the Gospel’s command not to conform to it. Sandro Magister wrote about Francis’s mission: “There is nothing in this program of the pontificate that could turn out to be unacceptable to the dominant secular opinion.” Yet, the day after he was elected pope, Francis declared:

When we journey without the cross, when we build without the cross, and when we confess a Christ without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord: we are worldly . . . I would like for us all, after these days of grace, to have courage, precisely the courage, to walk in the presence of the Lord’s presence . . . to build the Church upon the blood of the Lord, which is poured out on the cross; and to confess the only glory there is: Christ crucified.

And the day after Magister published his piece, Francis continued at Assisi: “A Christian cannot coexist with the spirit of the world, ” for worldliness “leads us to vanity arrogance and pride,” it “is an idol,” and “worldliness is a murderer because it kills souls, kills people, kills the Church.”

This is the spirit of cultural appeasement?

In recent days, more and more people have taken aim at Francis, saying they feel compelled to do so, to uphold the honor of the Church. It is time for those of us who admire Francis, and believe in his integrity, to vigorously defend him.

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o said...

I feel called to do so. He said go out and create a mess, get out there. He's doing just that. So I like reading the full article and explaining nothing's changed but except that the pope's talking to you personally to get out there now.

As a sidewalk counselor, I agree that abortion and birth control and gay marriage are not the first thing to hit people with, but Christ's love for them, his mercy for them, his complete forgiveness with repentance, and his way out of the suffering that sin causes in their lives while being a God to lean on and talk with when the unavoidable suffering of this world beats them down.

Until someone understands this ( a la is already Catholic and choosing an abortion anyway - and even they are suspect in formation), how are they going to think of me as anything but some nutty Jesus Freak misogynist hypocrite do-gooder. I'm just a Jesus Freak.

When Jesus has a "save" last minute with these women, it's because somehow they recognized something of Christ's love, not because we were persuasive in the next level discussion of sin. That comes "next", if we get to know them and spend time with them.

So, should we just talk Christ's love for them personally and risk the baby dying and maybe it sinking in enough so the next time she shows up, she'll listen more fully? Oh, we of little faith think this is a tough question. Francis thinks not.