Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Do It Yourself Church

Dear Readers and Facebook Friends,

Thank you all for your messages of prayer and support concerning my wife Karen and her cancer.  It means a lot to us both.

And humor is one of the things that will get us through this.


With that in mind, some of my Facebook buddies brought my attention to a guy in Michigan who calls himself a bishop, and who is ready to start "marrying" "gays" as soon as Michigan allows it.  Here's his bio ...

The Most Rev. Jerry G. Brohl, COSF
Bishop, Blessed John XXIII Community 3352 19th Street Wyandotte, MI 48192-6026
Phone: (734) 486-3041 Email: jbrohl@wyan.org
Personal Information: Born: 26 April 1943 Secular Employment: EMS instructor, Entrepreneur
Certified Catechist and Director of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, 1970s, 20+ yrs. experience Completed permanent diaconate training, Archdiocese of Detroit, MI but was not ordained, 1971 STL from Sanctus Theological Institute – Mesa, AZ, 2002 Associate of General Studies from Wayne County Community College District – Detroit, MI, 2003 Current Public Ministry:
Pastor, Blessed John XXIII Community, Wyandotte, MI In His Name food pantry, soup kitchen, and clothes closet Ordinations:
Deacon, 26 June 2002, by Bps. Robert Bowman, Sharon Hart, Kimo Keawe, Wm Wettingfeld, and Mark Newman Presbyter/Priest, 14 June 2003, by Bp. Robert M. Bowman. Bishop, 9 March 2013, by Bps. Richard Kalbfleisch and Dayton Gnau. Updated: 13 July 2013

One observation from a Facebook friend ...

The only person ever to follow up a Licentiate in Sacred Theology with an Associate of General Studies degree. 

And the bio of the next "bishop" down (alphabetically) ...

The Right Reverend Brian Ernest Brown, OSH
Abbot-Bishop, Order of the Shepherd’s Heart
P.O. Box 493 Eureka Springs, AR 72632 Phone Number: (417) 501-6924 Email Address: abbot@shepherds-heart.org
Current Public Ministry:
Abbot-Bishop, Order of the Shepherd’s Heart Eureka Springs, AR Activist, Celebrate Love: An Ecumenical Ministry of Inclusion and Compassion for the LGBTQIAPP* Community Eureka Springs, AR Publisher, St. Willibrord Press: Preserving Christian Knowledge Since 1967 Eureka Springs, AR President, Whithorn School of Theology Hollister, MO Born: 18 June 1969 Faith of Origin: Episcopal Church of the United States of America Entered Autocephalous Movement: 1997 Occupation: Full time ministry 

* LGBTQIAPP = "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, questioning, intersexual, asexual, pansexual, polyamorous"

Well, that just about covers it. For now. Give it a few more years and we will have come up with new perversions for "Abbot Brian" to add to his list.

At any rate, there seems to be money to be made in becoming a bishop. Therefore, I am submitting my bio to the site that lists all of these goof balls ...

The Very Very Rev. Kevin Thomas O'BrienPh.D., LMNOP, QRS, TUV, WTF, Esq. Kevin acquired his STD at (an alley adjacent to) Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
Current Position: Arch-eparch of the peocephalous Church of the Kevin, co-founder Church of the Orgasm.
Education: BA, Literature and Language Webster University, 1993.
MA, Grunky, 2012 (Reno).
PhD, Horse U. 2013
Vocation: Ministering to Lesbians and Trans-humans since 2013.
Quotation: "I can trace my apostolic lineage all the way back to last week."
Goals: To become the Abbot of Costello (Pennsylvania) 
Our Church's Motto: All are welcome ... but we're not so sure about you. 


Zach said...

All are welcome ... but we're not so sure about you.

I've visited that church!

Anonymous said...


This guy has you beat, and I love the curtain rod crosier he has.

Dr. Eric