Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In a surprising twist to the St. Paul child pornography scandal, while chancery officials dragged their feet and may have turned over discs to the police that were deliberately scrubbed of illegal content, the man who had originally obtained the computer in question suddenly remembered that he had made copies of all of the computer's content and had been storing these discs in a safe for the past nine years.  Unlike the original computer, which an archdiocesan lawyer insisted the man turn over to the archdiocese, the discs from the safe have now been turned over to police, who have re-opened the investigation.

There was a question if the original 2300 gay porn images on Fr. Shelley's computer contained child pornography or "borderline child pornography".  That question will now apparently be answered, once the police have had a chance to view the priest's collection.

If, in fact, there is no child porn discovered, Rod Dreher imagines the following

Imagine Archbishop Nienstedt standing before the people of St. Jude parish and saying, “Good news, my brothers and sisters! I’ve investigated the matter, and decided that the gay porn your pastor was looking at does not meet the legal definition of child pornography. Father Shelley can stay with you as your spiritual father. You’re welcome.”


Keep in mind, friends, that personal sanctity is always within the reach of each one of us, thanks to God's grace and the sacrifice of Calvary.

This is hard to remember when bishops cover up for this sort of behavior, as Bishop Flynn and Bishop Nienstadt did for almost a decade in the case of Fr. Shelley.  But it remains quite true.

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