Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Two nights ago I watched the absolute worst thing I've ever seen in my life - a video of a Catholic "internet series" that was not only bad, but disturbingly bad, sinfully bad - bad with the aroma of crud.  It was pathologically bad, and I mean that literally.

But - lo and behold!  There is a good Catholic series out there on the web.  We carry it on Grunky.  It's produced by Timothy Quigley II, who is now one of our Theater of the Word actors.

This episode drags a bit with a strange onion cutting scene (that turns oddly violent), but bear with it.  It is one of the most remarkable videos I've ever seen that deals with the subject of pornography and with "brotherly love".  Very well written and well acted.  Funny, too.

Catholic culture still exists.  It's not all ghetto in here.

Watch this episode.  If it's slow to load, click on HD in the lower right corner, which will turn HD off and make it load more easily.


Scott W. said...

Thanks. Loved it. Yeah, needs some serious editing. The onion scene was interminable.

Del said...

Dear Kevin,

Let me back up a step and thank you for introducing me to the concept of the "Catholic Ghetto."

I didn't have words for it, but I avoid movies like Courageous, Fireproof, and October Baby because I just expect them to be tedious "crud" (another useful concept, and thanks again!).

But have have trolled the ghetto, searching for gems -- and I am so glad that you found October Baby to be excellent! I have it queued up on NETFLIX for my next movie night.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Well, it's not "excellent", but it's pretty darned good. Be sure to watch all the way through past the final credits.