Sunday, October 27, 2013

History, Baseball, the Super-8

Alan Craig of the Cardinals is called safe at home on account of Obstruction, winning Game Three for St. Louis.

From a Facebook post to my actor friends ...

I was at the Super 8 in Bonner Springs, KS again for one of the most memorable plays in World Series history.  Maria and I were here two years ago this weekend when David Freese hit the home-run that capped a tremendous come-back win for the Cardinals.   I was surrounded by Japanese men jumping up and down in excitement, huddled around the TV in the lobby for that.
Last night, I was watching the game in my room after performing at the winery down the street.  Suddenly the Fox channel went dead.  All other channels were working.  Then an apology on screen from the cable provider.  
I tried to get the Cardinal game on the alarm clock radio in my room, to no avail.
I ended up in the car in the Super 8 parking lot, listening to the Cardinal feed on XM, my headlights shining into the five foot high weeds of the chilly Kansas night.
And I heard what I venture to say will be the only time in all of recorded human history that a World Series game ended on a call of Obstruction.
... or ever will end in such a way.
One wonders how much history is made at the Super 8 in Bonner Springs.  Perhaps a future president has been conceived here.  Perhaps a Japanese business deal that will change the course of modern culture.  Perhaps baseball will rise from the ashes of post-modernity, triumphant once again.

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