Friday, October 25, 2013

New World Disorder

I have known for a while that G. K. Chesterton was big in Brazil.  So is Stanford Nutting, my liberal ex-seminarian character (that's his picture on the left advertising Grunky).

And here's some correspondence with a guy from Brazil who happens to be a Stanford Nutting fan.  With his permission, I'm sharing it with you, my blog readers, who (according to Blogger stats) are almost entirely from the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.  We might tend to think the problems we face are limited to our own backyards.  But they're not.

Hi, dear Kevin,
Thank you so much for your wonderful work!
I work as a ...  Brazilian teacher and I have got in touch with [your work] through some Youtube videos on the Internet.
You see, unfortunately, my country has one of the worst educational systems in the world. As a consequence, people accept all kinds of politically correct talks as being genuine interest for people, and they repeat the kind of ideas that Mr. Stanford Nutting vaunts without realizing how pernicious they are to real culture.
Although the majority of the population is still Catholic here, we have been discussing a change of this situation since the 80s.
The new Marxism, I mean cultural Marxism, has won the cultural war in my country. We have been under a Leftist government for 12 years and it seems that they will win again next year. The Worker's Party is promoting abortion, fierce feminism, homosexuality and gay marriage, linguistic change through laws towards neutrality, the withdrawal of religion from schools (or the study of all kinds of religion at least "to respect diversity"), and so on. They have emphasized material life, and destroyed spiritual life of people.
Your work is like water in this desert of hypocrisy.
Thanks for it. Please, keep serving people.

I reply ...

It is a consolation for me to know that the small things I do have such an impact.
Keep the faith and keep doing your best in a difficult situation.  The anti-christian world that is being built around us will never give lasting joy to the human heart, and when people in their despair come to see this, they will remember the few people they have known who have lived otherwise - perhaps even a school teacher like you or an actor like me.  May we always, in all that we do, witness for our Risen Lord.

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