Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Soul and Sustainability

"The natural environment is more than raw material to be manipulated at our pleasure; it is a wondrous work of the Creator containing a ‘grammar’ which sets forth ends and criteria for its wise use, not its reckless exploitation." (Benedict XVI)

Liberal Christians would agree whole-heartedly, until you point out that this applies to sex as well.  Sex is more than "raw material to be manipulated at our pleasure".  It contains a "grammar" which sets forth "ends and criteria for its wise use, not its reckless exploitation."

All they're teaching my daughter in college (Fontbonne College, a Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelete school) is "sustainability".  They teach it in every class - even classes that have nothing to do with the environment.

I wonder what would happen if they taught "sustainability" as applied toward the natural moral environment and not just the natural physical one?

Sexual hedonism, for example, is not "sustainable".  Sleeping around is not "sustainable".  Buggery is not "sustainable".

For that matter, stealing, lying, killing and greed are not "sustainable".

Is it not time for an environmentalism of the soul???


Joey Higgins said...

Great points.

As a tangential point, recently the author of "Dear Prudence" on (a not very conservative site) suggested that binge drinking or drinking to the point of not being able to "say no" to guys puts women in danger or rape.

Many "journalists" and people on the internet had a huge problem with this common sense statement.

Who says that the atheists/Godless don't do religion?

Christian LeBlanc said...

Having sex without making babies sets an existential standard for unsustainability. That'll kill the West way before deforestation or Golbal Warming.