Monday, November 18, 2013

Dawn on Patrol

A week ago Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Dawn Eden speak at St. Louis University High School on "Sexual Recreation vs. Sexual Re-Creation" at an event sponsored by the Parent Network of Catholic High Schools.  Dawn is the author of The Thrill of the Chaste and My Peace I Give You - Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints.  She spoke at the event in a talk show format, taking questions from the audience.

Statue of St. Louis the King at St. Louis University High School

Dawn Eden being interviewed by Dan Buck at St. Louis University High School.

One of Dawn's best replies was to a question on contraception.  "If the parents are using contraception, can they effectively teach their children about sex?"

Dawn's response was, "If you're using contraception, your problem is more than with your parenting.  It's with your marriage.  You are not giving yourselves to one another wholly, and that will have an impact on more than just how you raise your children."

Later, Dawn spoke on her odd apostolate - traveling the country and speaking on theological matters.  She said that Scott Hahn once told her that although it is more appropriate for priests and bishops to be theologians, since Vatican II the baton has been passed (by default) to the lay folk.  "Hahn's point was that the job of faithful lay theologians is, in a sense, to put themselves out of business by passing on the truths of the faith and thereby helping to ensure that we will once again have faithful priests teaching theology," Dawn observed.  "Part of our job is to help return the Church to the point where there will be a larger number of qualified clergy teaching theology."

She added her own observation that, in fact, the special position of the laity and their familiarity with worldly matters and married life offers an opportunity for a new kind of evangelization.

And it struck me how difficult such a calling is.

When I travel the country with my Theater of the Word actors, we experience all of the ups and downs of life as itinerant missionaries - loneliness, wonderful experiences, not so wonderful experiences, self-doubt, wondering if we're doing any good - but it's relatively easy for us because we're in it together.  To hit the road alone on such a mission is not an easy thing.  But Dawn is doing a marvelous job, witnessing not only with what she says and what she writes - but by who she is.

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