Sunday, November 24, 2013

Evil at Work

You want to get attacked by the forces of darkness and irrationality?

Make observations about nature - particularly human nature, particularly virtue as it relates to human nature, particularly to the obvious difference between the sexes.  Let a secular audience on Facebook find out that you actually believe that men and women are different, and you'll simply be crucified.  My blog readers will ignore such an observation; normal people from the outside world will quite literally want to kill me for it.

We hate nature in this society.  We hate it.  With a passion.  We like trees and whales, but we hate what nature really is - the form of God around us.

And we hate it most violently when it reveals itself to us in sex.  We hate the fact that nature made sex to make babies; we hate the fact that nature made women to be different from men; we hate the fact that nature constrains us in any way.  We hate the very laws of physics.  We hate nature; we spit at God.

The world has gone insane.

And there is a malevolent and hateful legion behind it.


And if we hate anything more than nature, it's Reason.

The Irrational looms large and we are lining up to sacrifice to it.  (If I've learned anything from Facebook, it's that).

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Philothea said...

It's easy to offend people on facebook. Actually, it's hard not to! :) I hope you continue to post because you say many things that I think and would like to say but do not have the intellect to defend in a meaningful way. The Orcs roam freely on facebook!