Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Science and Philosophy - the Wrench and the Piano

Science is the wrench and Philosophy is the piano.  You can't play beautiful music on a wrench and you can't play a piano that's out of tune.  The narrower tool serves the greater tool.  The wrench tunes the piano.

When people try to turn science into a philosophy of life, they are trying to play music on a wrench.  I explain this in a heated debate on Facebook ...

To recognize purpose in the universe is good philosophy, but bad science - for science can not measure purpose - and science can only deal with things that can be measured. 
This is why Materialistic Darwinism is poisonous; it's philosophy masquerading as science. 
So is Intellectual Design. 
Darwinism denies God; ID affirms God - but both get in the way of science.

Both, in other words, are trying to play a sonata on a wrench.

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