Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thank You All!

Thank you all for your prayers for my wife Karen.

Karen with son Colin

Today we experienced the best case scenario.  The doctors were able to perform a vaginal hysterectomy, which means Karen should be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow, and should have a very brief recovery period.  There were no incisions, and consequently the chance for complications and infections are low.  They didn't know if they would be able to do this, and we were prepared for other possible scenarios, but this one was the best.

The surgeon told me that he examined the uterus. The tumor was small and appeared non-invasive.  Please continue to pray that this is so, and that the pathology report confirms it.  If the cancer was indeed confined to the uterus, then the removal of the uterus has cured it.

Your prayers and support have really meant a lot - even to an old curmudgeon like me.  Lots of comments on Facebook in particular, and one of the comments on this blog really stuck with me ...

Sending prayers. Also praying that you will have a sense of the infinitely tender care of Christ for you both, especially during today's medical stuff. - JayDee

"The infinitely tender care of Christ for you both" - that is such a bold thing to say and to pray for, and it cuts right through all the theological and cultural bickering on this blog and elsewhere.  And it cuts right to your heart and the source of your hope when you're anxious and suffering!

I did indeed have a sense of that "infinitely tender care" today, a very strong sense of that.


I grabbed a Rosary from the bottom of my nightstand the other day, one of many down there.  I don't know where I originally got it from or how long it had been in my drawer.   It has shiny green beads and a large white cross with no corpus.  I don't think I've ever used it to pray.

But I did today.  I prayed the Rosary, using this particular green one, in the surgical waiting room, and at one point, I looked at the cross.  It was plain and white, and printed on it are two simple words ...



Anonymous said...

That's really great news till now; there's still hope. Will keep on praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Well, yay! So glad to hear! And the reason I wrote that was because a few months ago I had to have some female surgery (not as serious as your wife's tho), and was so stressed about it. I received Anointing of the Sick, and from that time (the night before surgery) and for several days, I felt utterly safe and peaceful. Waking up in recovery I could almost physically feel being held by Jesus. Sounds so hokey but it was a fact. I knew whatever happened I would be completely Cared For. The feelings wore off as one would expect, but if that's a glimpse of the Reality that undergirds everything, then we should do our best to remember that, even while storms of emotions come and go.

And that's the Body of Christ - He touched me through a priest's care, and I commented here and it helped you! :-)

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for her and many more years together for the two of you.


Joey Higgins said...

Glad to hear it!

jvc said...

Very glad to hear this, Kevin.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Deo Gratias!

Dr. Eric