Monday, November 25, 2013

The Moral Law and White Trash

White Trash are not hillbillies.  They are not rednecks.  They are not hicks.

White Trash are what we call "hoosiers" here in St. Louis.  (I am an expert on hoosiers, as The Riverfront Times demonstrates here).

White Trash differ from all of those other groups because of their moral turpitude.

This is important to note.  It is one of those truths that a bit of reflection will reveal to you.  Think about it.  What do these White Trash characteristics have in common?

  • Filth and squalor
  • Deliberately living on the dole, despite being able to work
  • Explosions of wrath
  • Sexual promiscuity to the point of skankiness
  • Incest
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Anti-intellectualism
  • Immodest dress and behavior
  • Lying at will

They are all examples of bad morality, character flaws, moral failings - in short, sins - or a culture that grows from habitual sin.

Our critique of White Trash is really a disguised critique of a lifestyle of sin.  Such a thing is possible - even today!


o said...

My Catholic family considers me white trash because I homeschool, so I don't like that term and wont use it anymore because it's thrown about in so many different ways than of course the definition of characteristics you use. I know it was the white trash that fought as enlisted men in the Confederacy - not slave owners - so I feel again, another definition is used that isn't even so ignorant (just loving their homeland)...though not all were so altruistic.

But I know what you mean.

Joey Higgins said...

Well, when your "white trash" kids outperform the public institutions... maybe it's not so bad to be in the dumpster :p

I'm still a little surprised at the vitriol and the lack of legitimacy given to those that are not raised by the state.

Anonymous said...

Hoosier is an epithet of pride in Indiana. The people of the Indianapolis area use the term "Kentuckiana" to describe what St. Louisans and Southern Illinoisans call "Hoosier."

Dr. Eric

Anonymous said...

General trashiness is a problem that knows no geographic, ethnic, racial, political, or economic boundaries these days. -- Howard

Anonymous said...

"Hoosier is an epithet of pride in Indiana."

Speaking of nicknames, check out this late 19th century map of the U.S. and its state nicknames. Note: several states are missing because they weren't states yet at the time this map was made.

According to this map, Illinoisans were once known as "Suckers" and Missourians as "Pukes". Thank goodness those names didn't stick!