Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Dynasty of Ducking

"I worry that America is becoming a real Duck Dynasty -no, not like the show. A duck dynasty in the sense that everyone walks around needing to duck all the time. We no longer scrape our knees in the schoolyard scuffle, or have to suffer to hear words that offend it. We get the Big Government and the Big Business bought-and-paid-for cultural overlords to protect us from anything that might challenge us to think, or feel, or in any way come out of the bubbles we would live in. We keep lowering the ceiling of free speech, and consenting to duck, until soon our knuckles must drag and we become mere primates that don't exchange ideas but just babble at one another and occasionally throw poo. And then we will keep ducking, and ducking, and ducking - ducking all the rights and responsibilities of man: to have a mind and to judge and discern and (yes) discriminate: until finally we writhe on the floor like the worms we've made ourselves."

- Joe Grabowski says more here.

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o said...

I was thinking....if there is one guy that does not need his job.....

He stood for Christ and if he is slammed with a firing, take the whole family and walk to the nearest pulpit and keep talking for Christ!

It's a war folks, blood and death will accompany. Stand for/with Jesus or fall to hell.