Sunday, December 29, 2013


John Médaille comments on a Facebook post about a particularly vehement and anti-Francis Catholic, but his observation applies to many on both the right and the left: 

"His is a highly political religion, one placed entirely as the service of partisan interests. It is not so much Catholicism as Catholic-ism, not so much a religion as an ideology. Like all ideologues, he cannot tolerate dissent from his pontifications, not even from a pontiff."

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Sebonde said...

Reminds me of what was reportedly the favorite joke of Paul VI's: Hans Küng was once offered the Papacy, but he declined it, explaining that he preferred to remain infallible.

Oh, by the way, I wish you and yours a very happy
Eleven Days of Christmas! You can do without those Drummers drumming in your ear, anyhow.