Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Criticize the Act of Sticking a Penis into a Man's Anus and ...

Robertson family, walk off the show.  Put an end to this.  This is insane.

Duck Dynasty is the best show on television and the Robertsons are the only intelligent vision of morality left in prime time - strange as that sounds.  And anyone who watches the show regularly can see that.

It's the most popular show in America, and Phil's family needs to back him up and back up his statements, which were simply healthy and normal and sane - and based on Natural Law and Scripture.

Can we not even say that anal sex is sick any more?

Apparently not.

Robertsons, do the right thing.  Walk away from this and let A&E lose their hottest property.  Stand up for Phil and your faith and simple moral sanity.


Two plus two are four.  The grass is green.  The sky is blue.

Homosexuals should not be persecuted, but Christians must not be intimidated.  Anal intercourse is sick, perverted and part of the Culture of Death.  If we can't say that anymore, it's all over.

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o said...

Fresh air. Kinda wish Saint Thomas Moore had just done this in court.

I'll have my opportunity to see if he was right too, if I love Jesus enough.