Friday, December 6, 2013

New Theater of the Word Shows

I've added three new shows to our Theater of the Word repertoire.

Between Theater of the Word and Upstage Productions, we're really quite busy (I have only one open weekend date from now til the end of May, for example).  So if these shows, or any of our other shows, appeal to you - book today!



The conversion of St. Augustine, told by Augustine himself.  A timeless story of the grace of God, and the journey of a sinner from darkness to light.



Gripping, touching, overpowering.  The simple stories of a handful of people who encountered Jesus on earth - Pontius Pilate, St. Thomas the Apostle, Mary Magdalene, Lazarus - told in their own words.

The perfect play for Lent!



Concerning John, Jesus said, "If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you?"

This play imagines that John in fact will remain until Jesus returns, that he still walks the earth, a very old man, telling the incredible story of his encounter with Christ.

If you met the Last Apostle today, what would he tell you?  Would he speak of the Revelations of the End Times, would he speak of his call, his wandering?  Would he speak of the One who changed him forever?  And what would he say of the Church today - and of the lives you and I are leading?

Find out.  Meet the Last Apostle - meet the man who met Christ.

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