Monday, December 2, 2013

Self-Esteem and Satan

The great lie of Satan is that you are worthless and that nothing you do matters.

The problem with that lie is the grain of truth that's in it.

I had a friend who kept going to therapy.  "I have this nagging feeling that I'm worthless - a feeling of guilt, but my therapists keep telling me I'm fine," she said.

Well, as I got to know her I found out that she was in many ways malicious, manipulative and not to be trusted.  She was (in one sense) right and her therapists were (in one sense) wrong.

But here's the funny thing.  I think she was closer to God and had a better chance of becoming a saint than most of the "worthwhile" people I know.  Her sense of self-loathing drove her to do the terrible things she did to people, and even attracted friends who did terrible things to her.  Her childhood was wretched and the sense of worthlessness she got from that - a worthlessness that she carried into adult life and that became a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy - stripped her of the basic dumb pride that most of us carry with us.

She was exactly in the spot where she would at any moment leave all she had to follow Him.   She knew that her value did not lie in her own self - though she compensated by shoring up her career goals and aiming for worldly "success".  Still, she knew that her reason for being, her worth, her justification, could only come from Him - could only come from love.  For she knew that without Him, she was nothing.

Yes, the devil is half-right when he says we do not matter.

But through Our Lord and His redeeming love - expressed in his blood shed for our sake - we are priceless.

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