Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Duck Dynasty Clan are the Best Catholics in America

This needs to be said, now that the Phil Robertson controversy has settled down with A&E caving and with the Robertsons agreeing (as they always have) that True Tolerance (tolerance of sinners, but not of sin) is a Christian virtue.

Karen and I have just finished reading the autobiographies of Phil, Si and Willie Robertson, three of the main players on A&E's (still A&E's!) Duck Dynasty.  

Si Robertson
These men are the best public Catholics in America.

They are not racists, they are not "homophobes", they are not barbarians.  They are the best public Catholics in America - though they would presumably prefer being called the best public (small c) catholic Christians in America.  Or not being called that at all, since they're all well aware of their sins.

So let me elaborate: these guys are not in communion with the Catholic Church (as I am, and as I think it's important to be), but they are tremendous, humble and unpretentious Christians.  And their doctrine, the doctrine that informs their lives and that they live and breathe, is the basic, sane, sound, incredible, glorious, unearned and spectacular revelation of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit concerning the Good News of salvation.

They talk the talk and they walk the walk.

And they know the Bible backwards and forwards - which (to our shame) is more than can be said for almost any Catholic (big C) you'll meet.

We moan a lot about the need to reclaim Christian Culture.

Believe it or not, the show Duck Dynasty is doing it.


Christian LeBlanc said...

"...more than can be said for almost any Catholic you'll meet."

Where I live, the gung-ho Catholics know the Bible at least as well as they know the Catechism. But it is the Bible Belt, after all.

Sebonde said...

For your consideration,

Kevin O'Brien said...

Sebonde, the quote he often repeats is, "You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They'll pick your ducks. If you wait til they're 20, they'll pick your pockets."

Phil married his wife when she was 16.

Sebonde said...

Also, appealing to a politician, however august, as an authority on religious matters gives me the Erastian willies.

Sebonde said...

After a long discussion with a mutual friend about this DD flap, I've come to the conclusion that we've been played. The evil, Machiavellian GLAAD must have known that going after a popular star of a popular show would cause something of a backlash, but GLAAD probably wanted just that because the main defenders of Robertson have been the opponents of ss'm'. That so many opponents of ss'm' are willing to stand up for an uneducated Bible-Thumping Hick from the Deep South who is alarmingly sanguine about Jim Crow only serves GLAAD'S attempt to smear defenders of traditional marriage as know-nothing religious zealots and not-so-closeted racists. Phil Robertson is hardly an asset, Kevin.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Brother Sebonde, you have indeed been had, but it's by your ignorance of Phil Robertson. Watch the show. Read their books. The Jim Crow thing is a diversion. These Protestants are the best public Catholics in America.