Friday, December 20, 2013

Where Evil Takes Us

I once knew a man who kept getting lured into inappropriate relationships with younger women - lured by his own desires and by the various women.  But he kept saying he was seeking "friendship" - that these women were his "friends".

Yeah, right.

That's as believable as the claim that the hypersexuality of Christopher West and his followers is all about God.  Or that the bishops have been doing their best to protect the integrity of the Catholic Faith and to protect the innocent victims of sex abuse.   Or that the Republicans and Democrats in Washington really have your best interests at heart.

In all these cases: yeah, right.

But there's something deep here - something about human nature and even non-human super-nature.

And it has to do with how we like to hide our own intentions from our own eyes.


The appeal of atheism or even of paganism is the denial of the Person - and a Person has will and reason.

In other words, if God does not exist, or if "god" is a benign force of unity and squishy feelings, then there is no intent in the universe.  There is no will or desire for anything to fulfill any reasonable goal or purpose.  Things just "happen".  In such a cosmos, one is left with randomness and meaninglessness, but most people are willing to buy into that, if in return they can do whatever they want with a placated conscience.

And on my worst days, I'm tempted to fall back into my old atheist and pagan ways and believe that lie, the lie that nothing we do goes anywhere or is intended for anything - either by us or by the divine being behind everything around us.

But there's always one thing that keep the devil from getting the upper hand in this.  And that is that he is intentional.  Evil may be the absence of good, but evil beings use evil for specific purposes.  To take us somewhere.  Our sins never just "happen" any more than the good we work hard to do just "happens".

There is an intent there - and the intent is often beyond our own deliberately blinded view of things.


Take, for example, anime.  Anime is those Japanese cartoons in which innocent looking school girls end up doing some less than innocent things.

Someone showed me a parody of anime that was in itself as disturbing as the whole genre it was making fun of.  (Caution: this link is to a video that is upsetting on many levels, even though it's a satire of the genre).

Now people will argue with me over this, but anime is intentional and has a purpose, though the milder forms of it pretend not to.

And that purpose is to entice dirty old men with a kind of kiddie porn, but kiddie porn set in a weird world where the children are more alluring, more "accidentally" seductive and more deliberately innocent-and-provocative than actual children.  Anime shows where pedophilia really leads, and the disordered world it aims to create.

Now, I can understand dirty old men (being one myself).  What I can't understand is the weird thing that anime is.  It's a kind of culture that shows that sin does not just stop when it's satisfied - that sin is never satisfied and that if we indulge it it takes us to a particular place and does specific things - things which are always beyond what we naively expect them to be.  For pedophilia is not about lust; it's about the perversion of innocence, and building a world that celebrates and embodies that perversion; it's not simply about a dirty old man getting his kicks.

And an older man is never seeking mere "friendship" with younger women.  And people who are obsessed about the spirituality of sex are using the spirituality as a vehicle to get to the sex.  And bishops know exactly what they are doing and covering up when they protect pedophiles and lie about their crimes.  And politicians want money and power and don't give a damn about the voters: if they obsess about votes, it's because the votes are the vehicle to get them to what really want.

And anime pretends to be innocent, but it's not.  It's all about a world that exists to corrupt and abuse the innocent, even if only in one's imagination.

There is intent behind all of this.


All sin is like this.  All evil is used by beings with designs that are far beyond our own rather simple hopes and fears.  For example, "vixens" (deliberately seductive women) know exactly what they're doing - they are intentional - and men fall for their traps all the time; but the trap traps the trapper, and even the women who think they are on top of the wrong they do are themselves wronged by it.

The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug; their feet are caught in the net they have hidden. (Ps. 9:15)

The best way to describe this, then, is that there is an intentionality behind our desires, both the good desires and the bad ones.  And since most of us follow our bad desires, we can see all about us where sin leads.

For instance, the witches in Macbeth aren't just messing around.  They want to destroy a man, to dehumanize him, to damn him.  Our evil desires are like the whispers of those witches, and I suspect that something far more frightening than witches are croaking out those whispers.

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. (2 Tim. 4:3)


Sebonde said...

Er, "The Scottish Play", please. Angels and Ministers of Grace, defend us.

Anonymous said...

(Tom R)
"... sin does not just stop when it's satisfied - that sin is never satisfied..."

That pretty much sums up Catholic teaching on sin.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see people finally taking notice of the true corrupt and evil nature of anime. This disease of the mind has spread frightfully quick over the internet and someone needs to take a stance against it before it's warped morals further creep its way into the minds of unsuspecting youths.

Anonymous said...

What is all this s**t
Thats stupid
You have don't searched nothing about anime
Is not only porn

David said...

Lol this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I have plenty of Christian friends who like anime and I’ve watched a shit ton of shows that don’t have a lick of what this idiot is saying in them. He sounds like an overprotective mom who won’t let her kid play minecraft because it has the nether and enchanting in it. Lmao