Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grunky Book Club


Sebonde said...

The Scottish Play!

Anonymous said...

To Sebonde.
Gentle advice; don't let the superstition stamped on the play inhibit you from recognising the true overall presentation behind 'Macbeth', which is what happens when evil festers and spreads further into a human soul. Any bad happenings that has & ever arose to actors and theatre practitioners when the play got staged are merely distractional occurences and mishaps that can come about in ANY production of ANY play performed onstage.

Besides, shouldn't we fear Evil itself? Of what our enemy's constantly planning even in plain sight? Of us being enslaved into the muck that evil puts us in, worse of all based on ignorance? Hell and ending up in Hell? The image of one such soul's eternal torture as a result of living and being active in such a 'life' ought to make us shiver more than the play itself, methinks. Read up what Sister Faustina witnessed in her diary, and the Fatima children. Read Matt Baglio's "The Rite" - a complete expose' of the danger and attacks of evil.


Kevin O'Brien said...

D., I know Sebonde personally and he was being tongue-in-cheek. He is perhaps the least superstitious person I know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin, that's good to hear; didn't mean any malivolence i can assure you both :)

Still, the comment made me reflect on many I encounter who exclaim "Scottish Play" without even pausing to reflect thoughts even you had placed in one post. Consider my previous comment as a general mini response to real superstitious folks.

Cindy Dy said...

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