Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Timon of Athens Speaks

Some days it's all Herod and almost no Jesus.

A sad and ugly truth: if you have two or three loyal friends in a life of eighty years, you are blessed beyond measure.  If one of them is your wife, you have nothing to complain about.

Otherwise, people will like you only when you are useful to them.

If we could stop expecting love from the world, we would be so much happier - we would be free and able to serve God; we would embrace betrayal like a warm and loving friend, for we would see that betrayal is the face of man, it is our neighbor at his most genuine: it is, in fact, as King Lear learned, our very sons and daughters.  And we would be free to love him as he is - our neighbor, the ugliest of creatures.  In loving our neighbor, we would be loving one who would never pay us back; indeed in loving our neighbor we would be loving our enemy, our enemy who would turn on us the moment we became inconvenient to him - and who eventually will.  For our usefulness to him is of the world and won't last that long.

We may give our legs in a war to keep Ruby free, she won't stick around for some gimp in a wheelchair who can't get it up, once we get out of the VA hospital and wind up at home.  Ruby has her needs, you know.  She'll take her love to town.  The way of the world.

Let God be true though every man a liar - Rom. 3:4

Well, let us, then, be true to God and stand as a sign of contradiction to the liars who encircle us.   The world is the child of the Lie, and we are not of the world.

But it sometimes takes the loss of the value of your portfolio for you to see that.  Fair weather friends fly as soon as the barometer plummets.  Before that happens we are investing in the wrong things - and we are fooling ourselves.

Timon has lots of friends when he is rich.
But they desert him when his portfolio crashes, and he ends up like this - cynical but wiser.

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