Monday, March 10, 2014

Finishing Cardinal Dolan's Quote for Him

I have rewritten this post from the ground up, as the original was far too mean-spirited.

All I'm going to do is take it upon myself to function as Cardinal Dolan's speech writer.  Your Emminence, the next time you're asked if it's a good thing that a "gay" person has "come out", don't say, "Good for him!  Bravo!"  Say the following ...

"A person who finds himself attracted to others of the same sex is loved by God; but the point is that our temptations do not constitute our identities and we are playing the Devil's game if we take pride in shameful behaviors, even if it feels as if this is somehow the affirmation of the secret to our being.  On the contrary, the secret to our being is found only in Jesus Christ and in fidelity to His teachings."

Feel free to use it.  I'll bill you for it.