Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We're All Eunuchs for Mammon

Homo Consumens - consuming man, man who exists entirely to fuel the economy and whose ultimate end and purpose in life in shopping - is more "homo" than consumens.

A hundred years ago G. K. Chesterton was busy pointing out that eugenics and contraception were tools of our capitalist masters, intended to create more malleable and affordable employees, as the most useful workers were young, childless and therefore cheaper.  Killing the old and keeping the young from raising more young (and demanding more raises) was therefore sound policy, at least from the point of view of the bottom line.

Today Patrick J. Deneen points out not only why corporations like Anheuser Busch have been sponsoring "Gay Pride" parades for a few decades now, but also why the bizarre affiliation of the Left and Corporations has sprung up to support "gay marriage".  We know why the Left likes "gay marriage", but why would capitalists support it?  Aren't capitalists usually Republicans and don't Republicans usually resist "gay marriage"?  Deneen answers (my emphasis) ...

Corporations ... defend gay marriage for the same reason (and using the same tactics) they seek to undermine unions, environmental regulations, and tax policy—most obviously short-term gain, but more deeply, a society that needs to be remade in such a way that short-term gain seems the only game left in town: a thoroughly mobile society devoted to personal satisfaction, composed of individuals whose relationships are fungible and who have no strong relationship to place, history, or the generations stretching between the past and the future.

He's describing the "metrosexual", the Man with the Hollow Chest, who feels no passion for his children, for he doesn't have any children; who feels no passion for his wife, for he has no wife; who feels no passion for his lovers, for his genital gymnastics have nothing to do with "love".  These New Eunuchs are the perfect citizens of the monolith that is the Corporate State.  Their narcissistic needs are met with things they can buy, and as long as they're kept relatively affluent and distracted, they'll put up with anything their masters command of them - though the command is couched in the form of a "pitch" that they "buy".  These engineered humanoids will be the last sorts of souls to stage a revolt.

Deneen sums it up ...

... you are an individual, a consumer, and there should be no limitation on your pursuit of personal satisfaction, including obstacles in nature (biological or environmental) or morality (norms regarding sex or discouragements to greed). The ecology for both modern economics and modern marriage is one of untethered consumptive individualism. 


Tom Leith said...

I dunno Kevin -- Deenan paints a picture of a manipulative conspiracy. I think it is more of a spiral: philosophical Liberalism, Individualism, Subjectivism, Nominalism (i.e. every sort of modern -ism) brought about changes in self-understanding, which brought about changes in personal behavior, which brought about changes in commercial behavior, which brought about still more changes in self understanding, ...

What I perceive the political Right want is boogeymen other than Old Scratch and the guy in the mirror. This story is part of the the overarching narrative "THEY stole `merica". But "they" didn't -- `merica had the seeds of all this in its very founding. It just took awhile for them to sprout. The Conservatives want to conserve the seeds but not the sprouts. Sound familiar?

Tom Leith said...

Wait a minute, bub. You turned comments back on and it is ME that's making a fool of himself?!?

You KNOW you can't resist reading the comments...


Paul Stilwell said...

"But "they" didn't -- `merica had the seeds of all this in its very founding."

I keep coming across variations of this on the web, from Catholics. I'm sincerely wondering what it means.

It sounds like the folks who say that the Novus Ordo liturgy is "codified heresy".

The ramifications that is the gazillion cans of worms of this sort of thinking always go unspoken. But people just put it out there like it answers everything. I mean after all, one of the Popes wrote an encyclical on Americanism, so therefore America in its very founding was just Protestant Modernism waiting to be unleashed.

I don't buy it.

The fact is, the usurers from Europe saw that if America went forward without being stolen then their monopoly would be destroyed, for America would be a shining model and example for the rest of the world to see.

I think America was indeed stolen - very much so.

Paul Stilwell said...

Oh hey! Comments are back on! Radical!

Kevin, you need to go to confession for this vile and uncharitable post.

Kevin O'Brien said...

I agree with you both - it's part spiral and part conspiratorial. Deenan's point seems to be that, conspiratorial or not, the metrosexual is the ideal form of the man our economy wants (of course, the fact that he's sterile and won't reproduce presents long-range problems).

Paul, Deenan himself addresses the question you raise - is America compromised at its foundation, or has it simply been corrupted? Deenan claims that the true split in American Catholicism concerns the answer to that question - ww.theamericanconservative.com/a-catholic-showdown-worth-watching/

James B said...

I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe in the devil.

If there is a "manipulative conspiracy", I'm sure it goes all the way down.