Monday, March 24, 2014

What Fathers Should be Telling Us

The disappearance of fathers and fathering from our society means we don't hear things like this ...

  • If you lose your life you will find it.  Stop whining.  Stop focusing on your "issues".  Forget about yourself.  Suck it up.  Do what needs to be done, put your head down, grit your teeth and endure the pain - for their sake, not yours.  Be a man.  Other people are depending on you.  Stop being so selfish.

  • Affluence is a terrible curse because it means you suffer no enforced discipline.  Discipline is a form of suffering and without it we become self-indulgent, spoiled, petty and unhappy people.  Be poor, hungry, cold and miserable for His sake and the sake of His Kingdom.  You can do it and it will bring you joy in the process.  Who needs a soft life anyway?

  • Defend your ladies and do not allow incursions.  Don't let that crap that tears us down from TV and the internet into your home.  Repel the invaders.  Don't let the siren song seduce you, not from the young Tease and not from the lure of success.  

  • You're a victim, you say?  Well, we all are.  Get over it.  All Victims were redeemed by the One Victim 2,000 years ago.  Suffering for the sins of others is a great honor.  Practice some heroic virtue, forgive him or her, and move on.

  • Lay down your life for the ones you love.  If you lose your life you will find it.  

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