Monday, April 14, 2014

Cakewalk 250

This year marks the 250th Anniversary of the founding of my home town, St. Louis, Missouri.

To celebrate, the anniversary committee has put together Cakeway to the West.  What is Cakeway to the West?  It's 250 birthday cakes designed by local artists, which have been placed around the St. Louis metro area.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Obviously, then, the only thing left to do is for people like me to

  • find all 250 cakes, 
  • take pictures of them 
  • and post them on our blogs.

Karen and I (the lead members of the O'Brien Family Singers) began our quest yesterday, Palm Sunday, 2014.  Here are cakes one through ten.

1. Sappington House

2. Laumeier Sculpture Park

3. St. Anthony's Medical Center

4. Center for Contemporary Arts

5. Lions Gate, University City

This cake asked the question we always hear in St. Louis, "Where did you go to high school?" The cake provided sidewalk chalk for people to write the answer to that question.

I wrote "WHS '78" - Washington High School, class of 1978.

6. Chuck Berry Statue

This cake featured St. Louis "stars" - famous people from St. Louis.

One of the stars is none other than Jenna Fischer - my wife Karen's cousin - star of The Office on NBC and former actress for my company, Upstage Productions.

7. The Tivoli Theater

The cake at the Tivoli was decorated with famous movie starts, including ...

                                                                             ... St. Louisan Vincent Price

I slipped University City panhandler "Tip Toe" a five and he graciously posed in front of Blueberry Hill's cake, balancing on his cane!

9. The Pageant

10. Ruth Porter Park

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Robert H Griffin said...

My adopted hometown, Cincinnati, did this with pigs several years ago.