Monday, April 21, 2014

Cakewalk April 21

Cakewalk 250 continues ... 

15. Kirkwood, MO train station.

16. Statue of St. Louis the Crusader (the cake is in front of the horse, to the right of the cluster of people looking over the retaining wall.  One thing about many of these cakes: they're placed in awkward spots, making it hard to photograph them and at the same time frame the nearby landmarks.)

17. The Magic House, Kirkwood, MO

Detail of the Magic House cake, our favorite one so far.

18. Frank Lloyd Wright house, Des Peres, MO

19. Edward D. Jones headquarters.

20. Des Peres Lodge, with the felur-de-lis, our city's symbol

21. The Dog Museum.  The top of the cake and its candle is left, dog statues, right.

The grounds of the Dog Museum are beautiful - but watch where you step!

22. The Museum of Transportation.  The cake is in the background, to the left of the train in the foreground.

Museum of Transportation Cake, from above.

23. Barretts Elementary School.

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