Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cakewalk April 22

Karen and I continue to hunt down and photograph the 250 cakes placed around the St. Louis metro area to commemorate the 250th anniversary of our city's founding.

24. The cake inside the Loretto Hilton Theater.  In the lobby, tucked away by the windows.

The view out the windows (candle foreground) was more interesting than the cake.

25. Webster University / Nerinx Hall.  This cake was in a really stupid spot - outside a parking garage at my alma mater, Webster University; or if viewed from the other end, it was behind the back of Nerinx Hall High School, the most consistently pro-abortion "Catholic" high school in St. Louis.

26. Another stupid location - inside an ice cream parlor in Webster Grove, MO.  Webster Groves is a beautiful community - lots of big old houses, streets lined with huge trees, the picturesque old administration building at Webster University, the tree-lined campus of Eden Theological Seminary: and yet the cakes in Webster were either inside buildings or adjacent to parking lots.

27. ... inculding a cake at the parking lot of the College School in Webster Groves.

28. The cake at Kenrick Seminary, the seminary for the archdiocese of St. Louis, was, on the other hand, in a photogenic location.

29. There's also a cake at the Shrewsbury, Missouri bus stop.

30 .  ... and one at St. Louis landmark Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

31. To the lower right is the cake at the Bevo Mill in South St. Louis.

32. This one is in the Dutchtown neighborhood by the Feasting Fox restaurant.


kathy said...

I've been watching your tour. Are any of these cakes pretty? Some are okay, but most of them are really ugly.

Joey Higgins said...

Everybody is a critic.