Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cakewalk April 23

33. Compton Heights Water Tower

At the base of the water tower, to the left, are some steps .  Just to the right of those steps, atop a stone wall, to the left of a tree, is a small red dot.  That's the cake.

34. The cake at 3172 South Grand Ave.

35. A cake in the Cherokee neighborhood.

36. A cake next to the statue of the Cherokee Indian.

Same cake and Indian Statue seen from across the street.

37. Benton Park Cake.

38. The cake at Anheuser-Busch, home town brewery owned by a Belgian corporation.

39. Off Broadway in South St. Louis

40. The De Menil Mansion.

41. The Lemp Mansion - my old haunt.  The cake is under the front first floor window on the far left.

42. Cake at the Venice Cafe.  The artist shows a piece cut out and the interior of the cake - brains - bleeding onto the sidewalk.

43. Cake at the Federal Arsenal.  The obelisk to the left is a monument to Union General Lyon, who kept the arsenal in Union hands during the Civil War.  In the middle is St. Agatha, the archdiocese's Polish parish.  To the right is the blue cake.

44. Top of the cake at the Carondelet Historical Building.

45. Carondelet Park's cake.

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