Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cakewalk April 29

77. Franklin County Courthouse, Union, Missouri.  We got to the courthouse five minutes after it closed, at 4:35 pm.  The guard refused to let me in.  So I took the picture through the window (left, below), catching more of the reflections from the street than the cake.  Seeing I was a harmless oaf with a camera and not a full-fledged terrorist, the guard then motioned me inside, where I took a quick shot of the cake in the lobby.  So thanks to the un-named and un-photographed guard, who showed that the "courthouse was made for man, and not man for the courthouse" (Mark 2:27).

78. The Washington, Missouri cake.  This was one of the prettier cakes, decorated to commemorate Missouri Wine Country, but its placement was in a really stupid spot, as you can see.  The bottom photo shows the cake in all its glory.  The top one give a sense of the town surrounding it, which (though the photo doesn't show it) is actually a very charming and photogenic town on the Missouri River.  The river can be seen at the bottom of the hill.  I spent many years riding the school bus an hour each way to and from Washington, MO from our A-frame hideout in Hermit Hollow.

79. Head's Store, St. Alban's, MO.

80. In front of City Hall, looking across Manchester Road, Manchester, MO.  Steeple, flagpole, candle.

81. The cake at Maritz corporate headquarters had a Route 66 theme.

The cake is to the right of the flag, under the windows.

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