Sunday, April 27, 2014

Divine Mercy Cakewalk

51. First Imo's Pizza - now an abandoned building.  But a clever cake.  The base looked like pizza boxes ...

... and the top looked like pepperoni.

52. Missouri Botanical Garden (cake is the blue thing to the right of the lamp post)

53. Brightside St. Louis.  Look to the right of the giant butterfly, on grass across the street.  You'll see a blue cake.

54. Tower Grove Park.

55. The Chess Club, Central West End.

56. St. Louis College of Pharmacy

 57. Steinberg Rink, Forest Park.

58. The Jewel Box, Forest Park.  Cake is to the left of the left door, light blue.

Cake beside Jewel Box, with St. Francis of Assisi in the foreground.

 59. Across from St. Ambrose Church, the Hill.  Cake is to the far left.

The same cake, across the street from the Statue of Italian Immigrants in front of St. Ambrose, on the Hill.

60. Get ready for this.  Two "LGBT" sites have merited cakes.  This one includes ...

... a heartwarming ad for Planned Parenthood, our country's largest abortion mill.   (One wonders: would the organizers have allowed an ad for the KKK or even the NRA on a cake?)  Happy Birthday, Culture of Death!  Here's your cake!  What makes it worse is this place is just down the street from Sweetie Pie's.  Sweetie Pie's deserves a cake!

61. The Chase Park Plaza Hotel.

62. Left Bank Books.

63. Central Institute for the Deaf

64. Washington University School of Medicine.  Cake is lower left.

 65. LGBT Cake Number 2.  Celebrating Clementine's Gay Bar.  I am not making this up.  I wonder if the Respect Life Apostolate or Birthright was awarded a cake.

66. Soulard.

67. Sweet Divine, Soulard.

68. Soulard Market.

69. Trinity Lutheran Church.

Cake is lower right, a kind of tan or orange color.

70. Broadway Oyster Bar.

71. Lafayette Park.

Same cake from across the street.

72. Ameren Union Electric headquarters.

73. Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital.

74. Rigazzi's, the Hill

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Paul Stilwell said...

That JewelBox is a rather pleasant-looking building/greenhouse.