Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter and Divine Mercy

Catholic Exchange has an article encouraging folks to pray the Divine Mercy Novena beginning on Good Friday.

The powerful Divine Mercy Novena as ordered above by Jesus gives us the tremendous opportunity to begin again – a fresh start of “complete forgiveness of sins and punishment” that may otherwise have been due to us in life up to that point.

Of course some folks are suspicious of things like novenas and private revelations, such as those described by St. Faustina, and there's certainly no obligation for anyone to focus on any of that.

But Divine Mercy - deliverance from sin - is the core message of the Passion and the Resurrection, which is why the Divine Mercy feast happens on the octave of Easter - the Sunday following Easter Sunday.

Last year I received a wholly unexpected mercy on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday, one that was quite painful at the time - a "severe mercy" - but one that continues to bring me from darkness to light.  And I wasn't even asking for anything.  Imagine the power of prayer if we fervently ask for what God longs to give us!

For the only thing that gives us life and joy is God's grace; the only thing that brings death and despair is sin.

A picture I took of the main altar at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Massachusetts

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