Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Flash Flood of the Anti-Diluvians

Believe it or not, there is a group of Catholics who feel it is not enough to get angry that other Christians like the movie Noah, these Christians who like Noah (they claim) are impostors who must be destroyed - tools of the evil mainstream media who must be outed and purged.

I swear I am not making this up.

One Catholic in the motion picture industry is even trying to gin up a boycott of any Catholic organization affiliated with a "thumbs up" review of this movie.  "Fr. Barron, the Register, EWTN, Catholic Culture, Al Kresta, and any other Christian who dares to have a nuanced thought about Noah, is being targeted for punishment," as Mark Shea observes.

This is insane, but it actually makes sense.

The Catholics most incensed about this movie have something in common.  They support Lying for a Good Cause.  In other words, they are ideologues.

Consider this.  These Anti-Diluvians claim Noah is unscriptural.

But if, in the movie, Noah had a fourth son who was "gay" and the film was emphatic that he was left off the ark because of that, if the descendants of Cain lived communally and were destroyed by God because of their lack of faith in the unseen hand of the free market, if Noah lied to his neighbors about the coming flood, and then on the ark told his kids that lying for a good cause is fine and dandy - as unscriptural as all that would be, the anti-Noah crowd would be quite happy with the movie.  They are not angry because this movie insults their faith, but because it insults their ideology.  

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"Page not found" Is it possible they thought better of the idea and scotched it?