Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Other Kevin

Kevin Tierney commented on a recent post ...

4 years ago, the publication I write a dedicated TOB  [Theology of the Body] column for was carrying Fr. Loya's advice that the way to see random women correctly was to "look at her butt! look at her breasts!", and allowing Janet Smith to slander Dawn Eden, while Christina King was saying Dawn Eden's "past" disqualified her from offering any critque of Christopher West.
Now Catholic Exchange is incredibly successful, and their go-to TOB guy is me.
What a funny world.

But, entirely apart from the Theology of the Body is this very powerful piece Tierney has just written for Catholic Exchange, Tradition Begins at Home, in which he dissects a spiritual problem facing traditionalists and Ordinary-Form Catholics alike - our anti-incarnational tendency to focus on anything but the issues before us.  It's well worth reading.


Kevin Tierney said...


Hmph. Never really considered it from that standpoint. Give me more. Actually sounds more interesting than what I wrote.

Kevin O'Brien said...

The Incarnation sanctifies what is right before us - little things, big things, crosses, joys. The Jews thought nothing good could come out of Nazareth and that the Messiah would take a stand against the biggest thing on earth - Rome. They did not expect him to be a smelly carpenter's soon who got nailed to a cross. But right under their noses lepers were healed, the lame leapt for joy and the blind were given sight.

Any kind of displacement, be it love for a woman who's not your wife, getting lost on the internet when your real life is ignored, coveting your neighbor's grass, which is always greener - all of that is "anti-incarnational" in the sense that it looks for God's presence elsewhere, in a big and snazzy show, not in the humble and boring things that fill our daily lives.

I wrote about this here ...

Tom Leith said...

My father says "People will do absolutely anything except what's required."