Monday, May 26, 2014

Cakewalk Memorial Day Weekend

139. Butterfly House

140. Kemp Auto Museum

141. Spirit of St. Louis Airport

142. Daniel Boone Home

Barn in St. Charles County.

 143. Mt. Pleasant Winery, Augusta, MO

I performed the first murder mystery at a winery anywhere in the world in November of 1996, at Mt. Pleasant in Augusta.  We performed monthly shows there to sold out crowds for six years, until the winery dumped us and replaced us with someone cheaper.  The shows never sold well after that, and now the winery offers no mysteries at all.

But here's a mystery for you.  How do you relax when your life is devoted to affluence?

Mt. Pleasant decides to place their 250th Anniversary of St. Louis Commemorative Cake in the corner of the patio of one of their restaurants.  This middle aged couple, undoubtedly from West St. Louis County (that's code around here for "stuck up") decide to sit right next to the cake and use it as a table, putting their drinks, Kleenex, cell phones and wine bottles on top of it.

So I come up to them and say, enthusiastically, "You're going to be in the picture!"  The woman, with a bitter edge to her voice exclaims, "I'd rather not!"  So she and hubby, instead of getting off of their upper middle class asses, lean (more or less) out of camera range.

"I'll get a picture from behind and you won't be in it," I offer.

"That's much better," the lady answers.  I take the photo below.

"Thanks!" I say, not bothering to mention that I plan on making fun of them on my blog.

144. Warren County Courthouse, Warrenton, Missouri - across from the 24 Hour Bail Bonds Office.

So then we drive over half an hour to Warrenton, MO, where for some unexplained reason, the Warren County Courthouse has been awarded a 250th Anniversary of St. Louis Cake, even though Warrenton is over 50 miles from St. Louis.

"Oh, well," I say to Karen, "Maybe this will be one of those big beautiful county courthouses that fill the town square, bringing charm and dignity to the city."


The courthouse is new and is as architecturally interesting as every suburban church built since 1955.  The cake would have looked better in front of the 24 Hour Bail Bonds Office.

145. The Arboretum, Gray Summit, MO.

Fun cake with an eagle on the top and critters all around it.

146. Ft. Zumwalt Park, O'Fallon, MO

147. Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO.

... with daughter Kerry, who played with the sheep in the petting zoo.  When did Ralston Purina become Nestle Purina?

148. Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO

149. The Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, St. Charles, MO.

150. St. Charles County Courthouse.  More interesting than the Warren County Courthouse.

151. Missouri's First State Capitol - Main Street, St. Charles.  The cake is to the right, by a person near a streetlamp.

A closer view.

152. Lewis and Clark Boathouse Museum, St. Charles.  I wonder which way to the MUSEUM and GIFT SHOP.

153. Katy Trail Cake, St. Charles.

The photographer at lunch.

154. The cake at Heritage Park, St. Peters had a River theme.  It included a depiction of Our Lady of the Rivers, whose statue stands a few miles upstream at Portage de Sioux.

... and it featured several photos of the old paddle wheel steamboats.

155. Wild Bird Sanctuary.

156. Cake at Creve Coeur Lake (foreground).  Men's Room (background).

157. Lone Elk Park

158. The cake at the Creve Coeur YMCA was placed inside, in their lobby by the pool.  The YMCA was closed when we got there.  I took this picture with a telephoto lens through several layers of glass.  I'm counting it.

159. The Cake at the St. Louis Holocaust Museum.  Nice placement, huh?

A better view of it.

160. The cake at Washington University's Tyson Research Area.  This area is TOP SECRET.  The cake had originally been placed inside the Research Area, but if you go in there, they kill you.  So it was moved outside, by the heavily guarded gate.

Tyson Research is also home to the Wolf Sanctuary (see the detail of the homage to wolves on the cake, below).

It's fairly well known that Washington University and Tyson have teamed up to produce a DNA hybrid of a human - slash - wolf.  The creature is known to roam the Research Area at night, devouring helpless children who make it past the high voltage fence.


The top of the cake is decorated in Radioactive Modified DNA Isotope fashion.

The wolves howl in a forlorn way for their creators, the scientists who breed them with men of superior intelligence by mingling their DNA.

161. The Black Madonna Shrine and Grotto, Pacific, MO.

162. Father and Son, Six Flags over Mid America, Allenton, MO.

163. Old Bonnhome Church.  Nice cow theme on the cake.

164. United Hebrew Congregation.

165. Meramec Caverns, Stanton, MO.

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