Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cakewalk Quatro de Cinco (4th of May)

100. The Old Cathedral

101. The Gateway Arch.  The cake is to the right, near the front of the leg.

102. The Old Courthouse.  Cake is at the bottom of the steps.

103. 1 South Broadway, catty-corner from the courthouse.  The birthday candle and top of the cake are to the right, foreground.

104. The fountain behind the courthouse.  Background: Arch.  In front of Arch: Courthouse.  In front of courthouse, to the left of the statue of the runner: Cake.  To the right of cake: Statue of runner.  In front of statue: guy with shirt off picking up coins from the fountain.

The same cake, up close.  Guy with shirt off picking up coins from fountain is now behind me.

105. One of the stupidest places for a cake.  The valet parking lane at the downtown Hilton.  The cake is at the far end of the walkway on the left.

106. The St. Louis Cardinals cake at Busch Stadium was pretty cool.

107. The cake where the St. Louis Blues play.

108. Cake at Union Station - once a train station, now an annoying shopping mall.

109. Another downtown cake, in front of some government building that made for a poor photograph.

110. The cake in the Wainright Building, which was one of the world's first skyscrapers.  The cake is inside in the atrium.

111. Cake in downtown park, with Federal Courts building in the background.

112. The Old Post Office cake.

113.  Another downtown cake, placed either at random or because of corporate influence.

114. Cake inside the Convention Center.  "Where's your cake?" I asked the guard, an old guy.  "Somebody ate it," he replied.

115. Cake in front of what will be our Museum to the Blues.  Maybe that's why the cake is blue.

116. Missouri Athletic Club cake, to the left by the yellow pole.

117. Cake suspended above 710 N. 2nd St. on Laclede's Landing.

118. This really made me angry.  Downtown St. Louis has three beautiful and photogenic icons - the Gateway Arch, the Old Courthouse, and Eads Bridge, a 150 year old structure spanning the Mississippi River.  The cakes by the Arch and the Courthouse, though not perfectly positioned, still made for interesting photos.  The cake by the Eads Bridge was placed - get this - UNDER THE BRIDGE BY THE METROLINK STATION WHERE THE HOMELESS GUYS PEE.

It was literally impossible to get a photo of both the cake and the bridge.  This is as close as I came.  The cake is just off-camera right, sitting in a metaphoric puddle of homeless guy pee.

119. There's a cake in the dome where the St. Louis Rams play, but you're not allowed to photograph it except through the window - at least that's what the security guard told me.  I didn't want to mess with the security guard!  You can see her reflection in the window, left.

120.  Most fun cake design yet - Weatherbird, the cartoon mascot of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

121. The Eads Bridge cake was not the only one placed in a stupid position.  Here we have the beautiful Shrine to St. Joseph, and the cake, blue, lower left, right behind an iron fence, impossible to photograph even up close, since it abuts the corner of the fence and is impossible to get to.

122. Some museum in downtown.  The cake is painted to look like bricks.

123. The Central Library, downtown.

124. Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral.  The cake is front right by the no-parking sign, yellow.

125. The Soldier's Memorial.  We're halfway there!  125 cakes down, 125 to go!

126. City Museum cake.

Instead of a candle, this cake had a pencil and a praying mantis.

Yours truly sitting outside at a pub in Soulard, discussing the end of Christian Civilization with my wife Karen, and looking like the idiot I am.  Drinking copious amounts of ice tea.  Do I know how to celebrate Quatro de Cinco, or do I know how to celebrate?


jvc said...

I think you meant Quatro de Mayo ... but you probably know enough Spanish to know that so it was probably intentional?

jvc said...

These pictures are great, by the way. I would not have thought there were 250 addresses in STL, much less places to visit.

My hometown would have about 30. At least 30 that are safe enough to visit where you wouldn't get shot.

Kevin O'Brien said...

JVC, "Quatro de Cinco" = "Fourth of the Fifth (month)".