Thursday, May 1, 2014

Divine Mercy Sundae

One of the reasons I blog so much about Christopher West (Returning to Egypt for Money and Sex, What Sex Always Used to Be, and Neo-Gnostic Gnon-sense just today) is I really have "been there, done that".   I know the Neo-Gnostic Gnon-sense well.  I lived that way until my conversion at age 36.

Since then, I have been accused of holding a grudge against West, but I don't even know him, and it's obvious he's done a lot of good over the years.  But I can smell the rot.

The fact is, left to our own devices, living in the flesh and not in the Holy Spirit, living in the threefold lust of the world, we become miserable people - miserable to one another and miserable in our hearts.  I know this, as do most of you.  What most of you don't know is this whole spiritualization of sex is a spiritualization toward a dark spirit.  It's poison to the soul; it's the opposite of the bread of life.

But all we have to do is turn from it.  Come out of the darkness into the light.  Come out of the cold and go in to the feast.

No kind of sin, no degree of sin, no devotion to sin can overcome God's Divine Mercy.

I have known two people in my life who were enthralled to sexual sin, one a man, the other a woman.  He never showed any desire to step out of the mire.  She did, and it sometimes strikes me that she must feel terribly bogged down, even if she's stepped out - for these things have a tendency to pull on us.  I have lost touch with her, but I know that eager as she was for her addiction to sex, it brought her shame and despair.  And yet she hungered for more than sex - she hungered for the Mercy.


Speaking of hunger, yesterday we drove through Cullver's and I got a strawberry sundae with extra strawberries.

When it came I was surprised and delighted, as it was bigger and more dazzling than I had expected.

"This strawberry sundae is like Divine Mercy Sunday," I thought.  "God gives delightful gifts even to sinners like me."


And he was angry, and would not go in. His father therefore coming out began to entreat him. (Luke 15:28)

Come in to the feast, fellow sinner.  Your father is coming out to implore you.  And the food at the banquet is more filling than sundaes.

Light shines on the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. (Ps. 97:11)

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