Tuesday, May 20, 2014

GW Graduation 2014

Just back from a wonderful tour to the East Coast, including visits with friends the Quigleys, Dawn Eden, Fr. Sean Raftis, the BeauSiegneurs, the Sewards and the Pearces - all to celebrate son Colin's graduation from George Washington University.

Here are some photo highlights ...

Father and son at the Reed River Falls, Greenville, South Carolina

Back yard, Beer, Joseph Pearce

The Pearce's Emergency Escape Plan - use the slide, avoid the chickens.

At commencement.

Above: Josh's grandpa, Yaari's dad, Colin's dad.
Below: Josh, Yaari, Colin.

Almost all of the books on this bookshelf are books Joseph Pearce wrote or edited - some are multiple versions of the same book, translated into other languages.

The big moment at the walking ceremony for the Columbia School of Arts and Sciences - George Washington University.

Mom, Son, Dad - Graduation selfie.

Son Colin at the Beta House.

From the Capitol Steps - view towards commencement and the Washington Monument in the distance.

He is now officially as educated as I am.

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