Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Cakewalk

Our chauffeur, who drove around her mother and me on Mother's Day, hunting down more of the fabulous 250 cakes that have been placed to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of St. Louis. 

127. Scott Joplin House.  Joplin's ragtime was big in the 1890's and in the 1970's (thanks to The Sting - which is the last movie I saw at a theater).

128. Highlands Plaza.  YAAWWWNNN.

129. St. Francis Xavier Church, on the campus of St. Louis University.

130. Some corporate center for Arts and Education, somewhere in the city.

131. Big Brothers / Big Sisters on Grand Ave.  The cake is to the left of a banner, surrounded by a family taking pictures.

... same cake, with the Fox Theater in the distance.

132. The cake at the Fox.

133. Powell Symphony Hall.  Cake is on the sidewalk, to the right, decorated with white and red stripes.

 134.  Jefferson Bank.  YAAWWWNNNN ... (snore).

135. Harris Stowe College.  Between the legs of the Almost-Stonehenge Fountain.

136. Channel 9, our PBS affiliate warranted a cake?  Well, if the Harley Dealership did, if an abandoned pizza parlor did, if Jefferson Bank did ... 

137. The Sheldon Theater.

138.  Get this - a cake decorated in honor of Ike and Tina Turner INSIDE THE WINDOW of the Urban League!  One of the best things about pop culture and faux-art is that there are times when neither concept nor execution really makes any sense.

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MB said...

For the sake of accuracy, your cake #128 is Heritage House on Olive Street, not the Highlands.

I really like your photos; most of them show a lot more of the surroundings, which is more interesting than just cake after cake.