Thursday, May 8, 2014

Torture, the Sex Scandal and the End of Time

It's not only Bad Bishops.  It's Bad Catholics.  It's Bad Christians.

Speaking personally, it's really a terrible blow to realize, now that the idiotic Torture debate has returned, how far from Christ most Christians are - even those who make the biggest show of their religion.  Yes, I know that includes me and my own sins - but give me a moment to look at this objectively.

For me at least, seeing self-styled Catholic Apologists who have prominent public positions advocate for Torture - the worst thing one human being can do to another - even though their advocacy takes the form of a faux "neutrality" on the matter, and particularly when not only Church teaching but also every man's conscience is utterly clear on this issue: this for me is as bad as the sex scandal.  Which is worse: a lying bishop who covers up for his pervert priests who are molesting innocent children, or a man who publicly claims to teach and defend the doctrines of Christ making excuses for the brutal psychological and physical degradation of one human being by another?  They're equally bad, as far as I can tell.

And they reveal a huge divide in our Church and in our hearts.


Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger today quotes from an interesting review of the movie The Winter Soldier.  In addition to Fr. Angelo's quotation from that review, there are others that deserve repeating (my emphases in bold and my comments in red) ...

The conspiracy that opposes itself to liberty is not the root evil of our times but the symptom of a much deeper cause, namely, the human spirit’s loss of divine charity. As Augustine so clearly explains in The City of God, “Two cities have been formed … by two loves: the earthly by love of self, even to the contempt of God; the heavenly by love of God, even to the contempt of self ..."

When we place our hearts and our treasures in the Earthly City (which is to say, if we live to the flesh and not to the Spirit, if we give ourselves to the threefold lusts of the world and not to the Kingdom), we will live this way and lose our liberty.  Because ...

The deepest enemy of freedom is not the violent and deceptive establishment of world order. It is the absence of charity or narcissism, to call it by another name. The martyrs teach us that even in the face of violence, we can still love and thus conquer evil ...
Marvel’s universe proposes a fundamentally human solution to the problem of evil (i.e., a solution from the Earthly City) —which in the end cannot succeed. The reason is the circular nature of violence ... In the Christian universe, by narrative contrast, the root of every evil is the loss of charity (this is the problem as viewed from the City of God). And while it is true that we experience epicycles of violence throughout history, there is an end to this madness. That end will be realized at the end not because time ceases, but because divine love has been fully restored to humanity in Jesus Christ and thus the root power of evil—disordered love—has been finally eradicated.

Read the entire review here.

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