Sunday, June 22, 2014

Clericalism is Out. Media Celbritism is In!

Catholics, here's the new rule.

You can attack the Pope as much as you want, as frequently as you want.  But don't you dare breathe a word in criticism of any Catholic Media Celebrity!  (That ought to include me, by the way, EWTN Rock Star that I am.)

Over at Facebook, a friend has posted a mild critique of a certain public action of a Catholic Media Apostolate.  He thinks a Catholic Celebrity Cruise is over the top.  I'm not as incensed about it, but I see his point.

And yet ... commenters are furious with him!  An angry mob with torches and pitchforks has formed.  One has accused him of slander and defamation and calumny - for suggesting a Caribbean Cruise is not the best use of the resources of a Catholic Apostolate!  Soon someone is his combox is bound to tell him (shudder) that he should repent and go to confession!

All I can say is the First Annual Kevin O'Brien Theater of the Word Gambling Casino Night and Star-Studded Potluck will be unassailable.  Un-assailable.  It will be at the Hooters in Lemay, MO.  Stand by for more details.

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Michael V said...

"... the First Annual...Gambling Casino Night and Star-Studded Potluck..."

Sounds lucrative *ahem* do you have copyright for that title?