Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17 Cakewalk

190. Ashley Street Powerhouse Cake - detail.

191. The Grand Basin - Forest Park, in two weeks the park will be home to Fair St. Louis.

192. Cahokia, Illinois Welcome Center.

Above the cake a plaque marks this spot as the site of the murder of Ottowa Chief Pontiac in 1769.

193. Holy Family Church, Cahokia, Illinois - across the river and a bit south of the Gateway Arch.  Holy Family was founded in 1699.  The log church to the right - in the vertical French style - was built in 1799, and is the oldest church west of the Alleghenies.  To the left is the modern church.  The cake is to the right of the door of the log church.

But the cake was apparently designed by a satanist, who thought it would be funny to decorate it with illegible graffiti, a detail ignored no doubt by whoever paid him to do this.  Creepy if you ask me.

194. The cake at Our Lady of the Snows Shrine, Belleville, Illinois.

195. The cake at the drive-in theater in Belleville, which is still in operation.

One of the more entertaining cakes.  Appropriate for the drive-in.

196. Victorian Home Museum, Belleville.  Cake is to the right, above the retaining wall.

197. Emma Kunz House, Belleville, which was built in 1830 and is the earliest Greek Revival house in Belleville, and possibly in all of Illinois.

198. One room school house, Columbia, Illinois.

199. Eckert's orchard and produce store.  This cake was really fruit.

200. Madison County Courthouse, Waterloo, Illinois.  200 cakes, and I met my Waterloo.

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