Thursday, June 5, 2014

What the Light Reveals

There are two things too awful for us to look at directly and soberly: the horrific sinfulness of man, and the inconceivable mercy of God. - Kevin O'Brien, Facebook, This Morning.
It may be that the truth of the "Home Babies" is not as horrific as I had reported.   This story gives a fuller context for it.

But, as a commenter on Mark Shea's blog pointed out,

Great. That's just how I'll respond to all my horrified non-Catholic friends; "Well, it wasn't really a septic tank, and there might well be less than 800 bodies there..."

Because, really, looking the enormity of evil squarely in the face is the hardest thing in the world - except for looking at the more tremendous reality of good.

We are all 50 Shades of Selfish, and it's tempting to scapegoat the evil that's in all of us, to blame the nuns in Ireland, or the bishops, or society, or the devil.

But the problem is not out there; it's in here.  The problem is the human heart.  It needs fixing.  It needs healing.  Your heart and my heart.

That's what Jesus Christ is all about, and that's why He gave us His Church - which is made up of men who are both redeemed and fallen at the same time: a holy Church that's always sinning.

It's enough to break your heart.

But the love that circumcises our hearts, that gives us hearts of flesh in place of our hearts to stone, is a love that bears the enormity of evil up the hill and onto the cross, dying to it, and revealing it for the nothingness it really is, and in so doing shining the everlasting light into this nagging darkness.

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