Sunday, June 29, 2014

Youuu Satisfy the Hungry Heart with Gift of Finest Wheeeattt

Here's an old article at Crisis Magazine where Jeffrey Tucker writes about the Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music.

So excuse me while I vent, as this is a sore spot for me.

We don't need Latin.  We need reverence, and the Ordinary Form of the liturgy can be duly reverent, provided the bad music is eliminated.  For 40 years Catholics have been subjected to music at Mass that conveys a powerful subliminal message, one of narcissism, banality, unreality, and lameness.

Fear of God is undermined more by the bad music at Mass than by any other single thing in the Church.

Fix the music and the rest will follow.


Bob Cook said...

Sing the Propers and most bad music goes away. You could still sneak it (bad music) in at The Gathering Song, but at least then it's not part of the Liturgy.

Anita Moore said...

Yes, we need to get rid of bad music. I believe there is a sinister purpose to bad music at liturgy, namely, to gray out all sense of the supernatural. Bad art and the absence of art and beauty in churches serve the same purpose.

But I cannot agree that we do not need Latin. Pope St. John XXIII published probably the most conscientiously ignored apostolic constitution ever, Veterum sapientiae, on precisely the need for Latin.

jvc said...

We attended a reverent N.O. Mass growing up, in a Church that had never been wreckovated, thank God.

Then I went to a Jesuit university, with all it's predictable disasters, and moved away for a job to a medium-sized community where every parish either has a raped architecture or a raped liturgy, usually both.

It would be nice to get back to some of the reverence I experienced growing up. However, I think it's probably not going to happen, so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up attending the Latin Mass in the future.