Saturday, July 12, 2014


Can  we be true to the still, small voice?

We can distract ourselves with noise, but ultimately we know if we've been faithful.  In our quiet moments, when the din has died down, when the lights are off and it's silent and we hear Him, we sense Him, in the room with us, in our hearts with us ... can we know if we've been true?

We all have mixed motives.  We all act out of fear, power, control, lust, greed - even when we convince ourselves we don't.  But as bad as I've been (and I've been pretty rotten at times), I've tried to be true to that voice, that still small voice, that call - to Him.  It has been my one great grace, or my fatal tragic flaw - the world and my friends are not sure which.

And you find that when you manage (somehow) to be faithful, even if that faithfulness is not letting go of that one tiny thread of truth, that one lifeline of fidelity, a thread that has been woven through all the selfishness and knotted through all the sin; when you find that you've miraculously clung to that (by God's grace), that often people hate you for it.

For we know much more of the truth about one another than we care to admit.  And when we witness, we witness at a level that goes deep.  We ultimately see how we betray one another, betray ourselves, betray Him.  That registers.  We're not fooling anybody.

But so does the fidelity; the fidelity registers, and our neighbors find that more disturbing.  Even one streak of unalloyed goodness in a bad man stands as a silent rebuke against his fellow sinners who have sold out on that score.

But be faithful.  Be loyal.  Even if they hate you for it.  Because in doing so, your fidelity is joined to the whisper of that still, small voice.

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