Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27 Cakewalk

The most difficult thing at this point about finding and photographing the 250 birthday cakes placed around St. Louis in a rather lame attempt to honor the 250th anniversary of our city's founding is keeping track of the ones we've done and the ones we have left.  Oh, and not getting shot, as many of the remaining cakes are in the ghetto (it's apparently not even safe to be a statue of Martin Luther King - see below).

But as of the end of the day today we only have 26 official cakes to go (we've already photographed 2 "renegade' cakes - cakes not officially sanctioned by the dilettantes and corporate shills who have set up this project, and we're looking for more.  I'm told Bonne Terre, MO has a Renegade Cake, and if anyone knows of any others, let me know - even if they're in people's kitchens.  We have 26 official cakes left, at any rate, after today's batch.)

217. Opera Theater of St. Louis - This cake had the sparkliest candle.  It glistened in the sun.  The rest of the cake was no big deal, which is why I didn't photograph it.

 218. August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area, Weldon Spring, MO - The cake was well conceived but poorly executed.  It did, however, have a map of the Conservation Area glued onto the top of it.  That way, if you're on a hike and lost, find the cake and you'll know where you are.

219. What used to be the General Protestant Children's Home in Creve Coeur, MO.  I don't know what they call it now.  The cake is light blue, in front of the porch.

220. The Green Center, University City, MO.  Why is the lion crying?  The lion is crying because this green cake is advertising those idiotic alien-invasion windmills that are ruining the rural countryside all across America.  Let's recycle, kids!  Let's recycle this stupid cake!

Below is a view of the Green Center from further away.  Karen is waiting for me in the red car.  How ironic is it that we drove to the Green Center?

221. Vintage Vinyl Record Store, University City, MO.  The cake is under the overhanging sign, to the left of the trash can.  Oh, and "Music is the Healing Force".  Especially rap.  And disco, if you've only got a cold.

222.  Some other cake somewhere.  University City, MO.  The cake is at the lower right.  It's black.  The cake is painted black.  I'm getting a little tired of this.

223. St. Louis Children's Hospital.

224. The Headquarters of the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park.  From what I've heard, they make sure every play they produce has at least one "gay marriage" in it - even if old Will didn't put that in the original script.

225. Castlewood State Park, Valley Park, MO.

226. The Martin Luther King Statue at Fountain Park - Trees, cake, statue; the statue is surrounded by a large fence to make sure it's safe.

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