Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When Things Get Real

Fr. Dwight Longenecker gives three reasons why the thinks there will soon be an end to the vocations crisis.

First, cultural Catholicism in America is dying. People aren’t Catholic now because they’re Irish or Italian or Polish. They’re Catholic because they believe the Catholic faith. While cultural Catholicism continues to die out committed Catholicism will continue to rise. Cultural catholicism doesn’t produce vocations. Committed Catholicism does.
Second, faith is always stronger under fire. At this time American Catholicism is in too many places fat, lazy and complacent. The American culture, however, is moving very rapidly to an aggressively atheistic stance. The Catholic Church will increasingly be in the firing line over a whole range of moral, political and financial issues. As it becomes difficult and dangerous to be Catholic the complacent and comfortable Catholics will quietly slip away. They are doing so already.
Third, as it becomes difficult and dangerous to be Catholic more young men will stand up to be counted. Men like the militant aspect of being a priests. They want to stand up for what they believe in without compromise. They want to fight the good fight with all their might. The Church militant will make a come back and an increasing number of men will step forward to be engaged in the spiritual battle.

In other words, things will start to get more Real.

And what does this post have to do with the one I put up earlier today, in which I expressed frustration with two very cheesy faith-based videos on YouTube?


Stuff like that is simply fruit - which is to say: unreal, contrived, artificial, self-indulgent.

The Church in America has been all of these things for a long time.  The Church in America has long been Unreal.

When things get Real, more real men will discover they have real vocations to the priesthood.

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