Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cracking Up

I'm beginning to learn that the two websites that have the consistently best and most well-written social commentary are the Imaginative Conservative and Cracked.

Here's an article from Cracked, inspired by the suicide of Robin Williams (may God rest his soul and console his friends and family).  It's by David Wong, their best writer, and it's about the connection between humor and pain.  Speaking as a professional class clown, I can testify to its accuracy.

The most painful part is Wong's description of comedian Chris Farley's last days.

"Farley partied for four straight days, smoked crack and snorted heroin with a call girl, then took her back to his apartment. When they argued about money, she got up to leave. He tried to follow but collapsed on the living room floor, struggling to breathe. His final words were 'Don't leave me.' She took pictures of him, stole his watch, wrote a note saying she'd had a lot of fun, and left. He died alone."
In this case, the clown was a hilarious fat guy playing a Beverly Hills Ninja. Back behind the wall, the real person was a scared, lonely, awkward fat kid who couldn't even pay someone to hold his hand when he died. "Don't leave me."

Cracked always throws in "f bombs" and liberal references to sex, in order to appeal to its demographic, which appears to be high school and college age males, but Wong's pieces, and this one in particular, are well worth the read.

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Barbara Valencia said...

Cracked is simply the best thing on the internet.